Emergency Review: Batman V Superman

The movie is out and the review are conflicted to say the least.  Was it good? Was it bad?  What did they do right or wrong?  Where were the Wonder Twins in all this?  Well, I’ll answer all of these questions.  Yes all of them.  The Wonder Twins were at home still waiting for that call from their agent.  Zanya currently works at the zoo as an animal trainer supporting her brother who’s out of shape and constantly fighting the urge to sneak into their neighbor’s apartment and pretend to be her bath water.

Anyway, I will have a spoiler review for those who’ve seen the movie already but first I’ll do a spoiler free rant to get you started.

Comics on TV

Greetings Heroes and Villains.

Today, we will discuss the current status of Comics being portrayed on TV.  First, I’m going to focus on live action shows.  There’s more of them out there at once than ever before. I’ll give the cartoons their own day soon enough, but live action shows have definitely carved out their own thing.  We nerds have almost completely taken over Hollywood and I, for one, couldn’t be happier.

All new, All Different DCCU

Marvel Studios has changed change the face of movie making.  They have taken what was only done in comics and later on TV and brought it to the big screen.  They’ve created a sustainable universe of individual yet interconnected movie franchises with an overarching storyline that brings them all together.  With live action movies, no less.  With massive success!

Now, DC wants to create their own cinematic universe and the first true installment comes out this year.  No Man of Steel doesn’t count.  Sit down, I’ll explain.

What Went Wrong – Emo of Steel

Last time I wrote an Address talking about the DC Movie line-up announced at the SDCC.  In it I mentioned how I wasn’t a fan of the Man of Steel movie that essentially introduces the DCCU the same way Iron Man did for the MCU.  Because of this, I’m not yet overly excited about the DCCU yet.

So, for your reading pleasure, I’m going to tell you What Went Wrong with Man of Steel so you can join me in my extreme mild curiosity about the new DCCU.

Life in this Crazy Made-up World


Sales are up.  Comics are making more money than ever before in history.  Comic Companies are raking in the dough.  Getting fat off our hard earned cash that we love giving them.  And it’s a good thing for anyone who loves comics.

And who do we thank for this wonderful upturn in the fortune of comics?  The savior who stopped the steady decline that started in the 90s?  Who is our hero?

Actually, there are 2.  Spiderman and Iron Man.


Independents Day

Independents Day

Comicon. A celebration of Nerd-dom. Where movie companies come to show off their latest endeavors. Celebrities come to sign autographs and plug their latest deals. Former celebrities come to sign autographs and hope to be noticed so they’ll one day have something to plug. Toy companies can sell their outrageously overpriced toys. And off in a small corner sits the group of people who started it all. The independent comic creators.