Amy Rolle is known as one of the toughest villainess in the Power Ranger fandom Trakeena on Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. 

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Coplay Guest

Justin Smith - Founder of Arizona Legacy Rangers charity group. Cosplays include Yellow MMPR, Yellow Ninjetti, Madame Woe, and Ernie! He also played an angry parent in Nakia Burrise's Class Dismissed season 2.
He has an important bar 😉 to run at our event
Patrick Skye is a New York City cosplayer. He is a cosplay actor who is featured in fan film projects such as Shattered Connection & Chronicles of the Master Morpher and a Power Rangers enthusiast. Patrick is also a published cosplayer and has been featured in magazines such as Cosplay Culture & Cosplay Realm Magazine. He has been actively cosplaying for over 10 years within the cosplay, convention circuit and currently pursuing growth into film.
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Leairis Cross is an artist and cosplayer based in Tennessee.  She has done cover art for multiple comic books such as Syria and Space Princess.  She is a cohost for Metrothamcon live on youtube every Monday.  On Instagram you can find her under the name Leairis_artsy_stuff where she can be found cosplaying everything from power rangers to powerline!

DGLW Cosplay and Photography consists of David C. Grubbs/DG Collins Cosplay and Dominique Wilson/Cosplay by Mikette. David started going to cons in 2012 as a spectator which was Wizard World Philadelphia and that is where he became interested in cosplay. He has been cosplaying since 2013 at New York Comic Con as Nick Fury. Dominique started cosplaying in 2016 and her first con was Newark Comic Con. Her first cosplay was Poison Ivy. They met in 2016 at WinterCon and began dating in April 2017. The duo has such a deep admiration for the geek culture that they have cosplayed a large spectrum of characters. They have cosplayed characters from Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Power Rangers, anime, and impersonated celebrities, etc. They also are a photography pair that loves to capture moments at conventions and photo shoots. They have both been published in various magazines and websites as well as appeared in many television and social media circuits.
Cutie is a cosplayer, model, and general crafter from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  She truly believes that cosplay is for everyone, and shows that even with card stock and a bit of imagination you can create magic! 
 She loves to give back as much as she can and every year does a fundraiser costume/stickers and donates all the proceeds to the LGBTQIA2S+  community, she also appears at charity events throughout North America. Monday Morning Magic is one of her favourite events, seeing all the smiling kids warms your heart.
 Attending Conventions all across Canada, Cutie has also attended a hand full of state side cons, where she loves to meet others who are passinote about the geek culture.
Jeremy Ratay of Testing LimitZ is a cosplayer and prop maker since 2010 and a Power Ranger fan since 1993 when it all started.  When it comes to Power Ranger cosplays, he's made an MMPR armored white ranger, a red psycho ranger, and is currently working on a full size MMPR DragonZord suit complete with a spinning tail and even bright green glowing lights!  You can check out some of that progress on his YouTube channel or watch him build props live on twitch, including the Power Blaster that he'll be donating for RangerStation to auction.
IG: testinglimitz
New Guest Announcement!! Welcome @unworthyproductions (on IG)
Power Rangers Unworthy is a critically acclaimed indie web series based on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. After winning the 2018 Power Morphicon Fan Film Contest, Unworthy Productions launched their official YouTube channel with Power Rangers as their flagship series. 4 episodes and almost 17 million views later the indie production team continues to grow and improve with the support of their fans in the online ranger community.
Owner feature with Co-Owner cosplay guest Deh Putty
1. When did your love for power rangers start?
I’d say I came to love Power Rangers probably around when I was 7 years old. It was during the franchise’s run of its first season, but I’m honestly not sure exactly how long it had already been airing at the time. All I know is I turned the channel to Fox Kids one afternoon, saw all the bright suits, martial arts & explosions, and I was instantly hooked!
2. What's your favorite season or top favorites?
If I had to say I had one season that was my favorite in particular, it would definitely have to be In Space. Looking at how it was the first season with a progressive plot, thematic writing, and characters that were given depth to the point that you could sympathize with the villain, In Space became the new gold standard in what makes a great season of Power Rangers to me! That, and the fact that it was the season that saved the franchise overall, thereby allowing new fans to continue discovering Power Rangers in its current form, and its fairly obvious why I hold this one in such high regard.
3. What's your favorite ranger to cosplay?
My favorite Ranger-related cosplay(s) is/are absolutely my namesake: the Putty Patrol. It’s lightweight to wear, easy to see, hear & move around in, and super comfy. On top of that, Putties are just plain fun! I’d say my favorite part of watching any episode in the first 2 seasons of MMPR was when the unmorphed Rangers would fight the Putties and beat them down with occasionally humorous results. Having met and made friends with a few people from the show’s stunt team who played Putties has also helped give me a greater sense of appreciation for them, so it’s when I’m in costume that I’m extra happy to hear fans say they just have to punch me (plus it’s always a good excuse for me to have some fun and mess around with them a bit lol)! In general I enjoy cosplaying minions, which is I’ve also done the Quantron from In Space and the Skug from VR Troopers, but Putties will always be my favorite.
4. Who was your fav ranger? Favorite villain?
My favorite Ranger has been a bit varied to be honest. At first it was Billy because I felt I could relate to him what with having a stronger focus on academics over athletics at a young age. At the same time it didn’t take long for me to get caught up in joining the Tommy/Green Ranger bandwagon like everyone else at the height of the craze, but eventually I got around to noticing girls and then my focus turned much more to Kim, Trini, and the pinks and yellows that came after them lol. But it wasn’t until I became a devoted Space fan that I found my all-time favorite: Zhane, the Silver Ranger. Being a Star Wars fan as well, it was easy to see all the homages and parallels they were trying to pull with this season, and everything about Zhane just screamed Han Solo. Besides, how could you not love a guy who could totally turn the charm onto an ultra-hot villainess???
In case you couldn’t tell from my previous answer, my favorite villainess has to be Astronema. "Why?", you might ask? She’s Astronema. And if you still need to ask, I’m afraid we don’t have enough time for that answer lol. But a solid second is absolutely Rita Repulsa. As to why that is, well the short-short answer is you really can’t enjoy being a Putty without having any devotion to Rita herself, plain and simple.
5. Why did you want to start Ranger Station?
Ranger Station is something that I’ve been thinking about for a while now. I suppose it for the simple reason that there hasn’t been an event like it anywhere in the northeast as of yet, though there’s plenty of Ranger fans here as well. There’s the big one, PMC, but that’s in California and only once every 2 years, while Rangerstop has been a yearly thing in Florida. They’re both great shows and quite popular, but the fact is there’s always people out there who want to go yet aren’t able to for one reason or another. For that reason, having another centralized event in this region seemed like a good idea and also an opportunity for highlighting what there is to offer around here. Besides, the Power Rangers protect all of Earth, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to see them show up anywhere as well, right?
Meet the owners feature she she will also be a featured cosplay guest. Here is our interview with Lady J
RS: When did your love for Power Rangers start?
Lady J: With the very first episode of Mighty Morphin debuted and been hooked ever since
RS: What's your favorite season or top favorite seasons?
Lady J: My ultimate favorite is MMPR with Time Force and Dino Thunder tied for second. I also enjoyed Dino Charge
RS: what's your fav ranger cosplay?
Lady J: I love that I'm known in the Philadelphia area as MMPR yellow ranger so any variation of her or Scorpina.
RS: Who was your fav ranger?
Lady J: I have so many but top few are MMPR yellow, blue and green; Time Force Blue and Pink; Dino Thunder Blue; Dino Charge Purple
RS: Favorite villain?
Lady J: Scorpina, Goldar and Rita from MMPR
RS: Why did you want to start Ranger Station?
Lady J: We have a ton of amazing Ranger fans in the Philadelphia area and a lot can't get out to California as much as we would all love to go to PMC. I was hoping to get the East Coast Ranger Fans a place to all come together and enjoy our fandom with a community of just ranger fans. Most other events have shared fandoms and I love a lot of other fandoms myself but I wanted a place that was Morphinominal that has features only Ranger fans would understand.
Lady J not only an amazing cosplayer she used her cosplay with her other passion charity work and is one of the founding members of the cosplay charity group the Philadelphia Avengers
She is also known as #phillyyellow of Philadelphia Power Rangers , is also the owner of Ladyj Nerdy Shop
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