Transfakers 4: Age of Ex-Stink–shun (2nd address):

Here’s the deal, if you just wanna giant robots, inconsistent fight scenes, jail bait cheesecake (She’s 17 in the movie), Asian stereotypes, and Mark Walberg playing a buff hick inventor, this is your movie. But if you value transformers, good fight choreography, or good taste don’t bother.

Scenes move from the city to the mountains with no transition and Transformers disappear and reappear without explanation for plot convenience (There’s a scene where the Autobots are escaping together and suddenly Optimus is by himself for no reason just to have a scene meant to give a plot clue).

Fight scenes seem to have no discernible flow as one cut contradicts the next. Every time it jump cuts in a middle of a fight your left saying WTF, when did that happen?

Speaking of fights, our once noble and majestic Optimus Prime somehow becomes a murderous psychopath in this one. The number of times he yells “I’ll kill you!” is disturbing enough if he was yelling at Megatron. The problem is most of the time, he was talking about humans (again WTF?!?)

Finally we get to the patented and trademarked Micheal Bay Racism (C). At least this time the focus is off black people. He decides to go equal opportunity and hits Asians in this one. A Samurai Transformer with full on bad “engrish” accent (I mean come on, they’re aliens, how would they get an local accent) always talking about honor. Every Japanese character knowing martial arts. We get a crazy scene where a Japanese business woman and a random construction worker fight off the evil American special ops soldiers.

In conclusion, this movie had me doing something I’ve never done in my life. I walked out before the movie was over. The only redeeming quality (as usual for Bay) was the visuals. I’m done giving him money. If you want to see it out of morbid curiosity, do what I’ll do with the next TMNT movie. Wait for the DVD the download a DVD rip. No way am I putting in more effort than that to see Ninja Turtles with big lips.