Thanos & the Vanishing Golden Guy

Good old Thanos. Thanks to recent movies he’s been getting a sort of resurgence. In honor of that, I want to talk about him a bit. I won’t bore you with his origin, you can wiki that here. Besides, if you’re reading this you may be as big a nerd as I am and already know it.

If you don’t know, Thanos is inarguably the greatest villain in comic history. He has reached villainous heights no other comic book character, in any comic universe, has ever achieved. He has gained total & absolute control of the universe on at least 3 occasions. Name one other person who can top that.

It’s ok. I’ll wait. 

See? Can’t do it can you?


Even Galactus regards him as an equal. Eternity Himself would pick up his calls instead of sending it to voicemail. Thanos is the villain all other villains want to be. Even when he’s on the side of Angels he’s usually the most feared character on the battlefield. Which side he’s on usually depends on his mood. The same man who helped the citizen’s of Rigel-3 escape Galatus’ Hunger and ended up protecting Galactus himself from an entity who’s hunger is greater than his own, later joined the Annihilation Wave which killed billions because he was bored and wanted to see what would happen. During which time, he devised a strategy to defeat and capture Galactus for study, only to turn around and release him against the Annihilation Wave when he was done.

But enough gushing over Thanos. The real reason I wrote this is to talk about the Vanishing Golden Boy, AKA, Adam Warlock (Wiki HERE). Thanos’ plucky little rival. Don’t know who that is? For shame! Hand in your nerd card now. I’m demoting you.

Actually I wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t. Despite Thanos’ popularity, Adam Warlock never really got his due. Adam is probably the only living being in the universe Thanos has any real respect for. They’ve teamed up as often as they’ve battled, and both can strategize on a cosmic level many moves ahead of anyone else. Adam even once held the cosmic balance in his hands after taking it from Thanos. He even sat atop a throne presiding over the cosmic balance of the entire multiverse.

Despite his place as a cosmic hero on a level no Avenger will ever reach, he has faded into obscurity and disappeared. Is it because no one could relate to him? Because bad asses like Thanos are just cooler? Because his orangish skin reminded people too much of Jersey Shore? Could be all three. Whatever the case, Marvel has sidelined the greatest field general they’ve ever had against cosmic threats