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Tracy Lynn Cruz
Long Business Description:

Tracy Lynn Cruz is most famously known for her role as Ashley Hammond, the Yellow Ranger, in the 1990’s pop culture phenomenon Power Rangers Turbo and Power Rangers In Space. However, Tracy’s superpowers have extended far beyond the big screen… She is the loving mother of four children, two impacted by Autism, and is now a Family Ambassador at Spectrum Care Alliance. Through the successes and continued challenges in her family’s journey, Tracy has bravely chosen to use her celebrity platform to share how she turned obstacles into opportunities. Her passion is empowering families to shift focus from fear of the future to celebrating successes while remembering how far they’ve come. In addition to empowering her own children, Tracy has also managed to beautifully maintain and grow her relationship with her husband of 23 years despite the daunting rollercoaster of finding, adjusting and managing the comprehensive care for their children. Tracy will be helping various communities impacted by Autism share their stories, learn from each other, and celebrate all impacted children’s superpowers!

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